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Rules for Becoming Member of PRP

  • For Being member of PRP group one should be member of PSEB officers' Club.
  • Charges for the PRP group will be Rs 3000. It includes jersey @1100, helmet@1100, tshirt@350. Rest goes to kitty for tea & snacks during rides.
  • New members will be given a trial period of one month to decide whether they want to be part of group by paying charges or not.
  • 2 rides will be done each week. One ride will be slow speed ride to build stamina of new members. Second ride will be bit of fast ride speed to improve the stamina.
  • Two rides in a month are mandatory.
  • Even on the day of fast ride, two checkpoints will be made. One for slow riders and other for fast riders. However starting point and finish point shall remain same. All riders will have snacks together after the ride.
  • Once a person becomes a PRP member, the rider shall be allowed ride in official jersey only.
  • Helmet is must during the ride.
  • It is requested that cycling shorts & goggles should also be worn during the rides.